Located in sunny San Diego, California, Mission Beach has year-round vacation ready weather. With tempertures hovering around 80-degrees duiring the day and 70-degrees at night, summers last from May to September. The dry climate and soft ocean breezes are perfect conditions for outdoor activities such as boating, hiking, waterskiing, sun bathing, or just relaxing and sipping a beer.

     Month       High Temp   Low Temp   Rainfall   Ocean Temp 
January 77°F 50°F 2 in. 58°F
February 78°F 50°F 2 in. 57°F
March 75°F 55°F 2 in. 58°F
April 78°F 55°F 1 in. 60°F
May 85°F 55°F 0 in. 63°F
June 85°F 60°F 0 in. 65°F
July 87°F 60°F 0 in. 67°F
August 88°F 61°F 0 in. 68°F
September 83°F 60°F 0 in. 66°F
October 84°F 56°F 0 in. 65°F
November 75°F 55°F 1 in. 61°F
December 75°F 55°F 2 in. 59°F