Mission Beach Food
Giocanni's Restaurant
If you love Italian food, then you need to try Giovanni's Restaurant, a family-style restaurant where they make all their own sauces fresh every day. You will find something for everyone whether you are looking for vegetarian fare or a hearty steak. From delicious pasta to mouth-watering pizza, you will not be disappointed. Giovanni's: 6133 Balboa Avenue, San Diego CA 92111. Phone: (866)735-6357
Mission Beach La play Taco Shop
La Playa Taco Shop
San Diego is known for its tacos and the La Playa Taco Shop is one of the best in the city. This is a small hole-in-wall neighborhood joint that never disappoints with its traditional Mexican food. The prices are reasonable and the ingredients are always fresh. Of course, the tacos are a must, but be sure and order the chips and guacamole as well. La Playa Taco Shop: 3973 Mission Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92109. Phone: (858) 488-7405
Mission Beach Volteros Deli
Voltero's Deli
Voltero's Deli is a tiny eatery in the heart of Mission Beach that offers some of the best smoothie's and milk shakes in the area. When you need a break from the waves and beach hop over to Mission Boulevard and try the strawberries and cream milk shake made with hand-scooped ice cream or the peach and strawberry smoothie. The generous sizes will fill you up and help keep you cool. Voltero's Deli: 3691 Mission Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92109. Phone: (858) 488-7040
Mission Beach Olives Cafe
Olive's Cafe
For a cozy and casual breakfast and lunch spot, try Olive's Cafe, located in between the bay and the beach. As the general rule goes, long lines equal delicious food and Olive's is no exception. Known for their coffee, as much as their tasty and creative food, be sure to get here before closing time at 3:00 PM. Olive's Cafe: 805 Santa Clara Place, San Diego, CA 92109. Phone: (858) 488-1224
Sush Ota
Sushi Ota
California is known for its numerous sushi restaurants and Sushi Ota is known throughout Southern California as one of the best. This is where sushi connoisseurs go for an excellent meal. Famous for sushi and sashimi that melts in your mouth, this restaurant is a bit pricier than the standard beach fare, but is well worth a visit. Make reservations to avoid the long wait. Sushi Ota: Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, CA 92109. Phone: (858) 270-5670
Bare Back Grill
Bare Back Grill
Bare Back Grill, has been voted best burger in San Diego for the past four years in a row. This is a New Zealand joint that offer Kiwi takes on burgers and sandwiches. Don't be fooled by the fancy selection of cheeses for your burger, this is a casual place perfect to grab a bite after a day on the beach. Bare Back Grill: 4640 Mission Boulevard San Diego, CA 92109. Phone: (858) 274-7117